Nickel Strategic Mineral Mining

Good mining practices


Environmental Sustainability Aspects

TMS is committed to implementing 'good mining practice'. From the exploration process to the extraction of mining minerals, all PT TMS mining sites pay attention to important aspects of environmental sustainability.

Within the company, PT TMS has a team of highly capable geologists and engineers to continuously explore and ensure the company's operations are in accordance with applicable procedures and regulations. In addition to improving efficiency and effectiveness, PT TMS also invests in the latest mining technology.

Safety and Welfare Aspects

The soul of PT TMS' business is the safety and well-being of its workers and contractors. In its activities, PT TMS ensures that work standards, training and development are met.

The operation of PT TMS is also inseparable from the community around the mine. Involving the community and promoting life around the mine is a social responsibility that the company continues to carry out.

The company's key concerns above have made TMS a nickel mining company that is trusted for its quality; both in production and operation by some of the best partners in the industry.


Syam Alif - CEO
He has served as COO since 2019 and then as CEO since October 2022.
Syam was one of the original team of PT Tonia Mitra Sejahtera, responsible for sales and operations, including strategic relationships with suppliers while serving as COO.

Currently, Syam is responsible for the financial performance, strategic direction, risk management, operational budget, including overseeing the overall performance and business planning of PT Tonia Mitra Sejahtera.
Krisna Puja Baskara - Commissioner
Commissioner since October 2023Commissioner since October 2023
Krisna obtained his Bachelor's degree from Padjajaran University in 2004 in HR Management Economics, and later certification at TAFE University (Perth, Australia).

Experienced in Training and Management for almost 15 years at PT. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia until joining PT. Tonia Mitra Sejahtera in 2019 and appointed as Commissioner at the end of 2022.

Currently, Krisna is responsible for providing assistance to the Board of Directors in determining the company's strategy, as well as providing advice on certain issues and problems.
Yessy Olivia - Head of Public Affairs
Head of Public Affairs since January 2023
Yessy holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing & Advertising from Curtin University in Singapore. Prior to joining PT Tonia Mitra Sejahtera in 2019, Yessy has experience in public relations at Ogilvy Public Relations, an American multinational consulting firm.

Currently, Yessy's areas of work include focusing on corporate reputation and harmonizing agreements between stakeholders.
terkait perusahaan.
At the leadership layer, PT Tonia Mitra Sejahtera has a group of dynamic and innovative individuals. These characteristics are considered important to increase profitability and drive industry growth. This is also in line with the company's progressive culture, in an effort to make PT Tonia Mitra Sejahtera the leading nickel mining industry in Indonesia.