System Control and Risk Management

System Control and Risk Management

Risk Identification, Assessment, Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting

As a company that has the spirit to keep moving forward and better, PT TMS is actively evaluating the safety and achievement system work system by prioritizing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Evaluation is carried out every month by each division contained in the weekly report and will be determined at the monthly meeting activities attended by all departments in PT.TMS, Determination of evaluation results then become material for improving Standard Operating Procedures and Job Safety Analysis / Work instructions that already exist.

In addition to safety, the evaluation results are also used as socialization material delivered through "Safety Talk" activities every Monday by the HSE and HRGA teams in an effort to implement evaluations in the fields of work safety, ethical values, and employee integrity.

The socialization or debriefing activities are also carried out every day before carrying out work activities through P5M (5 Minute Talk) activities in each division by the appointed supervisor.