TMS Main Mining Commodities


Stainless Steel

Used for:

Building structure Bridge Other infrastructure

Battery Industry

Used for:

Electric vehicles Cell phones Computers Solar power plant

Coin Making

Used for:

Coin money

Indonesia is the world's largest producer of nickel, a precious metal that is the main mining commodity of PT Tonia Mitra Sejahtera. Nickel mining is crucial to ensure a sufficient supply of nickel for industry. This is because nickel itself is not often found in natural conditions, often even found in low concentrations in ore.

Today, nickel is a very important material for modern society and is used in various industries at home and abroad. Some of the uses of nickel include as the main ingredient for the production of stainless steel; which is used in various kinds of construction such as building structures, bridges, and other infrastructure.

Nickel is also the main material of rechargeable batteries, an item that is very close to our daily lives. Rechargeable batteries are becoming increasingly important as a renewable energy solution towards a more sustainable world. One of them is the rechargeable battery used to power electric cars.

For these reasons, the demand for nickel metal continues to increase year after year. Nickel plays an important role in the local and global economy, creating value not only for companies, but for countries, and creating jobs that benefit local communities.

Mining Location

The mining location of PT Tonia Mitra Sejahtera is equipped with a Mining Business License (IUP) in Lengora Pantai Village, Central Kabaena District, Bombana Regency. The mining operations of PT TMS are divided into 3 mining blocks, namely:

Block I

Block I consists of 9 pits, namely:

  1. Pit Melinda
  2. Pit Daniaty
  3. Pit Yusi 
  4. Pit Mariani
  5. Pit Ramadhan
  1. Pit Berkah
  2. Pit Devi
  3. Pit Xylo
  4. Pit Shiva

Block II

Block II consists of 1 pits, namely:

  1. Pit Tesla (start mining May 2023)

Block III

Block III consists of 2 pits, namely:

  1. Pit Ultra
  2. Pit Naga Pasa