Efficiency and progress for employees' work environment

Company culture

PT TMS implements a progressive corporate culture to increase efficiency and progress for the employee's work environment. Collaboration and communication are the keywords in growing the culture that PT TMS has implemented, namely:


Taking a cue from the company's leaders, the management of PT TMS practices open leadership for team members. This means strong and clear communication, and prioritizing openness between teams. This creates a sense of trust and transparency between teams in the company's operations.


PT TMS supports women's empowerment amidst the dominance of the male gender in the mining industry. At PT TMS, around 60% of female employees occupy strategic positions or as company leaders.

This shows that PT TMS is very open in increasing the role of women in the employment of the manufacturing industry, especially mining. PT TMS believes and upholds the principle of gender equality in the company environment, where women and men must have equal access and opportunities for a career.

Clan Culture

PT TMS emphasizes clan culture. By prioritizing a work environment like a big family that is bound to each other, and applying work principles such as mentoring, teamwork, fairness, deliberation, and open communication.

The company aims to implement this work culture in order to build strong employee loyalty and unite joint commitment in achieving the company's vision, mission and targets and realize harmony in carrying out tasks and responsibilities for each individual.